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Entry Form Private Testing
5th October 2023

The best day to test before the biggest South European classic car meeting.

On the 5th of October will take place private test sessions of the upcoming event Estoril Classics at Autódromo of Estoril.

The testing format:

Most of sessions will have almost one hour of duration. This is to allow pit stops, drivers change etc.

(this means that teams and drivers don´t have to wait for the next available session to do that) 

The sessions are exclusive to the same type of car you are driving.

i.e : you'll not have a sports prototype with a 60's gt car on the same session. 

This is supposed to be a relaxed testing day before the main event. Just like a private track day. 

You can also add extra drivers for the same car. ( there will be a 20€ cost per extra driver)


Aditional Information: 

- All the participants in the testing sessions should park their cars on the respective places allocated 

for the event.


Gt's, Touring and Sports Cars
2 Sessions 50m each - 500€ + vat
3 Sessions 50m each - 700€ +  vat
4 Sessions 50m each - 900€ + vat 


2 Sessions 20m each - 300€ + vat

4 Sessions 20m each - 600€ + vat

Please look at the entry form and timetable below:
if you have any questions or doubts please contact us:


Note: The Sessions are limited to 20 cars per session.


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You can read the Entry Form conditions here.

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