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2.0L Cup

Since its inaugural race at Spa-Francorchamps in 2018, the 2 Litre Cup can lay claim to being the pre-eminent one make historic racing series.

Over five seasons, more than 100 drivers have travelled from Argentina to the USA to race in our closely fought grids. Races are of 90 minutes’ duration, for one or two drivers, with a mandatory pitstop between the 35 and 55 minute marks. Technical regulations have been carefully evolved in order to provide the fairest, most cost-competitive regulation, taking into account the requirements of the FIA and the competitor.

One of the many innovations of the 2 Litre Cup has been the introduction of an Elite and Gentleman driver categorisation, specifically to recognise that modern historic racing features not just paid professional drivers but also highly experienced and expert racers who have applied time and budget to being able to race at the front of the grid. The categorisation is determined by the promoter and Peter Auto jointly.

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