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Concurs d'Elegance ACP

The ACP Concours d'Elegance highlights classic cars that maintain their historical accuracy intact in terms of aesthetics, mechanics and sport.

Integrated in Estoril Classics, the ACP Elegance Competition receives dream cars, divided into categories and epochs.

From the best cars in each category, an international jury chooses the Best of Show - the best car of the Competition


In 2021, due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic, the ACP Elegance Contest is not held in the usual manner, being represented by 1 category on display in the paddock area of the Autódromo do Estoril.

Among these cars, a prize will be awarded to the Category Winner and the usual Public Prize


In 2022, the ACP Elegance Competition hopes to return to the initial model, with the various categories on display in the Estoril Casino Gardens.

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