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Historic Formula 1s return to the Estoril Race Track

- 14 magnificent examples set a record in the fifth edition of Estoril Classics.

- 2 races scheduled for a weekend of luxury.

The Formula 1 Classics return once again for the fifth edition of Estoril Classics at the Estoril Autodrome, with unique machines that are part of the history of the sport. Present will be masterpieces with enviable power, period decorations and a sound that recalls a golden age of motor racing. These are a cocktail of explosive ingredients that will raise the pulse of any car lover.

With a unique variety of cars - from 1971 to 1983 - which in the past were driven by great names of world motoring, such as Keke Rosberg, Didier Pironi or Jacky Ickx, the expectation couldn't be higher for the weekend of 8 to 10 October.

On the programme, the brave drivers will have their first contact with the track, with a 20-minute qualifying session scheduled for Friday, leaving the first race for Saturday at 2.35pm, with the final race on Sunday at 1.25pm.

With 14 historic specimens of what is the premier sport of motorsport, the record number of entries for 2019 will be surpassed in this edition.

Topping the entry list is the first entry from the Lyons family, we refer to Judy Lyons, the only lady, who will bring her 1971 Surtees TS9 to the Cascais circuit, a car that was driven by John Surtees at the time. The British driver returns once again to Estoril Classics, one of her favourite events.

Moving forward 3 years, there are 3 formulas that shared the grid in 1974. Marc Devis and Chris Perkins present us with their Surtees TS16. The Belgian driver, Marc Devis will race with the British single-seater with the classic Bang & Olufsen decoration, Chris Perkins, on the other hand, will treat the present fans with his single-seater with the Matchbox decoration.

In a Trojan T103, Philippe Bonny powered by a powerful Ford-Cosworth V8 engine, a unique chassis of this team with which Tim Schenten contested eight Grand Prix in the 1974 F1 World Championship.

Father and son join the matriarch of the Lyons family. Frank and Michael Lyons once again confirm the strong presence of the British family. Frank Lyons will be at the wheel of no less than an Mclaren M26 in the famous Marlboro colours that was driven by Jochen Mass in 1976. The newest member of the Lyons family present, will be behind the wheel of the car with which in the year 2020 he dominated Classic GP racing, a Hesketh 308E. The British driver will now have the chance to show all his driving skills in front of all the public present at Estoril Classics.

Completing the entry list for class A, a category dedicated to cars that precede the single seater season, is Frederic Lajoux. The Monegasque driver will be present with an Arrows A1B, model used during the 1979 world championship by Ricardo Patrese and Jochen Mass.

Mister John of B will bring to the Portuguese track two historical Formula 1. The Matra MS120C, the last single-seater designed by the French team and equipped with a V12 engine. The French driver will also bring the oldest car equipped with Ground Effect in this exquisite entry list, the Ligier JS 11/15-04 with the timeless Gitanes decoration, which was driven by Jaques Laffite during the 1979 world championship.

Also on the grid in the final year of the 1970s was the Ensign N179 driven at the time by Derek Daly. However it will not be the Irishman who will participate in Estoril Classics but the British Peter Tattersall.

We now jump to the cars entered in the 80's, decade that started with the culmination of the Ground Effect in Formula 1 single seaters and with the introduction of flat bottoms in these always spectacular cars. From 1981, we get the March 811 driven by the Frenchman Vincent Rivet with the famous black decoration of the Irish beer Guiness (the car at the time was driven by the Irishman Derek Daly) with the rainbow coloured sides. Vincent makes his debut at Estoril Classics in front of the Portuguese public.

Neil Glover will be present in this luxury squad with his Arrows A5 that in 1982 disputed the last three races of the Formula 1 World Championship with the drivers Marc Surer and Mauro Baldi. The single-seater will make its debut in the 12 corners of Estoril on the next 8, 9 and 10 October.

In the hands of another Briton comes the Lotus 91 with the mythical John Player Special decoration. The black and gold single-seater is in the hands of Steve Brooks, an experienced British driver who finished last year in the FIA Masters championship dedicated to historic Formula 1 in third place.

Finishing up the luxurious Formula 1 squad, the one most of us will recognise comes from the land of her majesty. It is a Williams FW08C that in 1982 the one who made it dance curve after curve in the 8 Grand Prix was Keke Rosberg.

The British driver Mark Hazell will present us with this beautiful and very rare specimen, his 4th participation at Estoril Classics, his 3rd with this single-seater.

You will be able to witness all the emotion up close and see the visual and sound spectacle on the next 8 to 10 October. Tickets are on sale at, at FNAC, Worten and CTT.

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